We, as believers, have been given authority by God for every area of our life that does not align with the truth of God’s Word and that is not a blessing. God desires that we live and walk victoriously every day. Whatever situations arise that are not good, we can rule and reign in this life through the gift of righteousness by Jesus Christ to see victory.

We have been given authority in the name of Jesus over sickness and disease, over any lack in our lives, over hurts and disappointments, unforgiveness, rejection, fear and anything else that comes our way that is not good. Why? Because God only has good for us! If it isn’t good, it isn’t from God. And He has given US the authority over the enemy and all his works and plans that he wants for our lives.

Some may agree we have power over sickness and disease and over fear and unbelief, etc., but to believe God and use our authority for a trip — maybe not so much. Some may think that is going a little too far out….. BUT GOD!!!! He cares about every detail of our life, including amazing trips He sends us on!

So I want to share about a trip to Hawaii that the Lord sent me and a friend on back in May 2022. There were a few obstacles to overcome and by using the authority God has given us and the name of Jesus, we overcame and saw some powerful things take place even before we left to go on this trip.

So when my friend, Sarah, and I knew this trip was God’s will for us to go, we saw that there were Covid restrictions still in place in Hawaii where you had to be tested before arriving (no vaccine requirements, which we would not have done anyway!). Also there was a 5-day self-quarantine in place once you arrived there. Hawaii has been the most restricted state for Covid restrictions, by far. We found online, though, where you could fill out an exemption form from this 5-day quarantine. So we kept believing God and if necessary, we could use that form for the exemption of this quarantine. And another thing, mask mandates were still in place on all airlines.

By the first part of March we started planning our trip and we went ahead and booked our roundtrip flights at a great price. This was just the beginning of seeing God move on our behalf among many other blessings that were to follow. People told us that the price we paid was nearly half the price it normally costs to fly there at the time we were going.

The next thing was finding a place to stay, as our friend’s house was filled with some of her family members. So our friend ended up asking a friend of hers if we could stay at her house at nights. The friend said yes, but shortly after that her daughter called her and said she was coming in town to visit. So that arrangement was not going to work out for us to stay there. Looking online at hotels and airbnb’s, nothing was under $300-$400 per night. We knew God must be up to something when this happened and continued praying and trusting God to come through.

Then our friend called one day and said she had found another place where we could stay. This couple she knows very well has a son who was going to rent his condo out as an Airbnb but had not been able to get the permits as of that time. So he said we could stay there and pay a very minimal amount – and minimal it was for 10 nights ($40/night for both of us)!! It was so nice and located right across from the beach, shops and restaurants where we could walk. (We met the lady who had originally said we could stay at her house, and it was way out and away from the beach and restaurants, etc.). So Praise the Lord – He came through in a powerful way!!!

As all this was taking place, we said we were setting our hearts to believe God and going to exercise our faith (and use our authority) to see these Covid restrictions lifted. And as we continued praying and believing God for these to lift, sure enough we found out not long after that all restrictions in the State of Hawaii had been lifted. No Covid testing or quarantine had to be done now!!! God was, no doubt, moving on our behalf as we used our authority!! It says in Mark 9:23 that ALL things are possible to those who believe. And Jeremiah 32:27 goes right along with this and says that He is the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Him”? And of course the answer is No – Nothing is too hard for Him.

The next thing we knew we needed to believe God for was the mask mandates on all airlines that were still in place to be lifted. As I had been praying and trusting God, on one particular day I had gotten on the computer and right before my eyes there was an article that said, “Mask Mandates on all airlines are being lifted beginning May 3rd”. Wow, praise God. The only problem was, we were leaving May 1st! My first brief thought was, “Well, at least we won’t have to wear them coming back from Hawaii.” Then I immediately said, “NO, that’s not acceptable. They will have to change the date again BEFORE we leave.”

The next thing I know, something came out saying mask mandates were immediately being lifted off all airlines (which was 2 weeks ahead of us leaving!). You talk about one miracle after another taking place, this was happening right before our eyes because of us believing God and using the authority God has given us to see results of what we were believing for. It was taking ALL limits off of God. When I look back at this, it is incredible that a date had been set to lift the mask mandates and then for it to be changed again effective immediately! But that is what I spoke with my mouth and believed in my heart. What an awesome God we serve – Is anything too hard for Him?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Another blessing that took place even before we left, which was totally unexpected (nothing I was believing for), was some good friends of ours sent me a check in the mail wanting to bless me on this trip. That money was ‘more than enough’ to pay for my part of the condo for those 10 nights. Talk about a trip that would have costs thousands in the natural, God provided in the supernatural exceeding abundantly above all we could think or ask according to His power that was working in us. God is so good and so faithful!! All He is after is someone who will take Him at His Word and believe Him to do the impossible.

Remember – He is no respecter of persons. What He does for one, He will do for another as you trust and believe Him and take all limits off of what His power and the authority He has given you can and will provide for your life!

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