What in your life has God promised you? You may say that He has never made a promise to you, but the truth of the matter is, He has! Every promise in the Word of God is for you, as a believer (2 Corinthians 1:20). And there are times where God will specifically speak a promise to you that may not be written, per se, word for word in the Bible. But what He says will always align with the truth that is written in His Word. The question is, are you fully persuaded, or convinced of His promises for your life?

Everything that Jesus accomplished for you and me on the cross is for us if we choose to believe it and receive it by faith, which will ultimately manifest in the natural. Some things take longer than other things, mainly because of things in our hearts that may be hindering them – namely, doubt and unbelief or it could just be God’s timing on bringing it to pass. But if it is hindrances in our heart, we can overcome them and put them out of our hearts by faith. We do this by speaking the truth of God’s word over what we feel, think or even may be saying that is not lined up with His words or promises for us.

A few things I’ll list here that God has promised us are divine health, or healing if we get sick, a prosperous spirit, body and soul, a lack of no good thing, forgiveness of our sins, a satisfied and an abundant life, showers of blessings, joy unspeakable and full of glory, an abundance of mercy and grace, peace like a river that surpasses all understanding, love that never fails, protection from evil, heaven on earth, a plan and purpose for your life that is only good, the promise of His return, a mansion being prepared for us in heaven, etc. These are just a few of the over 7,000 promises that are in the bible. The question again is, are you fully persuaded of His promises He has made available to you, no matter how impossible they seem?

I will briefly mention a few examples in the bible that were totally impossible in the flesh (in the natural) but they believed God and were fully persuaded and received those promises. And this is not saying some of them didn’t have to have their hearts adjusted in the process. So we are without excuse because they were people just like us!

In Luke 1, Mary was visited by an angel that told her she was going to conceive and bring forth a son and call him Jesus. Now Mary was a virgin and she asked the angel how this would be seeing she had not known a man, and he told her that the Holy Spirit would come upon her and the power of the Most High would overshadow her. And it says in vs. 37, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Then Mary’s response was totally a response of faith. She said, “According to your word, be it unto me”. No doubt, no unbelief – just faith! And of course, the promise came forth.

Another example I’m thinking of is Romans 4 where Abraham and Sarah were promised a son in their old age. Both bodies dead – no chance of that happening, except through faith and patience. It says that Abraham against hope believed in hope and not being weak in faith, did not consider his body dead nor the deadness of Sarah’s womb. He didn’t stagger, or waver, at God’s promise through unbelief, but he was strong in faith giving glory to God. Abraham was fully persuaded and, as we know, Isaac came forth.

One more example I’ll give here was Jesus being raised from the dead. With every sin, sickness and disease upon him and every power, principality, might and dominion against Him, He put them off and made an open shew of them triumphing over them when He was raised from the dead. He believed what the Father told Him, that on the third day He would be raised from the dead. And it happened just as He believed. We have that same faith inside of us.

There are numerous other examples in the bible of promises that were made, that in the flesh were totally impossible to be manifest except by the power of God. Go read Hebrews 11. So we are without excuse in believing God to do and perform the impossible. All it takes is believing Him and not doubting, and giving Him glory by being strong (strengthened) in faith.

I had a dream a couple of years back where God told me something, and when I woke up, He immediately spoke it again to me. I KNEW it was the Lord. In the natural it would be one of those impossible things. But I love when He promises something that is above and beyond anything we could bring forth ourselves. Why? Because He will be the one who gets all the glory. The only thing we can take credit for is believing Him. I don’t know exactly when this will come forth, but I KNOW without a doubt it will. He had spoken other things to me a few years prior to when I had this dream, and all of it started coming together – like pieces of a puzzle being put in place.

One thing to remember is – don’t get caught up in how long it will take to manifest or try to figure things out in your mind. Your mind is an enemy to God. Only faith is what pleases Him that will bring Him glory. And be assured of one thing, He is faithful to His Word and to His promises.

We are a blessed people, and serving the God who created us and had a plan for our lives even before we were conceived in the womb for such a time as this, is an amazing and incredible thing!

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