The Compassion of Jesus in Us

Several years back, I did a study on compassion. I looked up scriptures throughout Matthew, Mark, Luke and John where Jesus showed, or was moved with, compassion towards people He came in contact with. He is our example, right, of how we should be walking? I John 2:6 – “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.” We do believe the bible, right?
So this is what I found:
He healed those that were sick and diseased, He delivered those who had demons, He fed the crowds that came to hear Him for three days that had no food by multiplying the loaves and fish, He raised the dead – one example being the young man who died, who was the only son of his mother and Jesus saw her weeping and had compassion on her and raised the son from the dead and gave him back to his mother, He came upon a crowd and saw they were sheep without a shepherd and so He taught them many things, He would go after the one that was lost and leave the ninety-nine that had not gone astray, etc. All of these things are acts of compassion that Jesus demonstrated because of His love for the people.
This is where our hearts should be — desiring to see and do these acts of compassion everywhere we go.
I have seen several of these things take place in my walk with the Lord, but the compassion inside of me is desiring to see these things take place more and more. And, no doubt, it is increasing in my life right now like I’ve not seen in the past.
When we set our hearts on the things above and not the things of this world is when we can expect to see the miraculous take place. The world is a dark place and only getting darker. But God’s light is shining brighter and brighter in and through us as we DESIRE to walk more and more like Jesus walked.
Everything we need to demonstrate the power of God is already on the inside of us. We just need to get it out!!
Father, thank you for the compassion of God that is in us coming out of our hearts more and more to those you send us to as well as those you put in our path. As we get our focus off ‘self’ and on to You, we will see this take place in a greater way. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

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