Divine Appointments

God has divine appointments/divine connections for us, and we need to be expecting them because we might be surprised what it brings forth.

This past fourth of July 2021, we went to the Summer Family Bible Conference which is held every year at Andrew Wommack Ministries in Woodland Park, Co. It is a week long conference, and there are always powerful speakers and opportunities for meeting new people who come from all over the U.S., and even the world, to these events.

The last night of this conference, they had a night of worship with food and fellowship for the adults and youth, which was at the pavilion by the lake at Charis Bible College. We had one of our granddaughters here from Texas visiting for 3 weeks, who went with us. This was her fourth time to come to this event, and it’s always been a blessing for her.

We ended up sitting at a picnic table with a couple and their four kids who had come from New Jersey. There was an instant connection with this couple. The night was great, and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and knew this was a divine appointment that God had set up for us to meet one another.

Well, the next morning I received a call from her and she was needing prayer badly. She and her husband were in the parking lot at emergency room getting ready to go in when she decided to call me and ask for prayer of agreement. She had been throwing up all night and had a terrible headache and sounded in distress. Here we had just met them the night before but when there is a divine connection in the Spirit with someone, it’s like you’ve known that person forever. We even text, or talk on the phone, usually every week encouraging one another and praying for one another and for our families. She is a blessing and a true friend after the Spirit.

So as she told me what was going on with her, I immediately started praying and taking authority over the devil and commanding him to turn her loose. I knew this was an attack of the enemy and he had to leave her body. We both started praying in the Spirit, and I then started commanding fear to turn her loose and releasing the power of God into her body. After praying and binding, we then both started worshipping God. The devil hates praise and worship. When we started doing that, I knew we had broken through and healing was about to manifest! After 30 minutes had gone by from the time she called me, I could tell there had been a release in the Spirit and she was healed. I asked her how she was and she said, “I’m healed.” Praise God!!!

This shows when we are in faith believing what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us, we will see the salvation of God manifest. It says in II Cor. 6:2 that now (today) is the day of salvation. We can expect results NOW for whatever it is we are needing. In her case, there was fear in her heart that first had to be dealt with before the healing manifested.

Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit is imperative because there may be things in your heart that need to be dealt with before a manifestation in the physical realm can take place. And if you don’t see the manifestation of what you are believing for today, get up the next day and say, “Today is a new day – today is the day of salvation!”

Praise God for the mighty resurrection power of the Lord Jesus and for the prayer of agreement. It says that one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight. 

Who would have ever thought that a divine appointment would turn into a divine healing and into a friendship ordained by God!! He is so awesome. What a mighty God we serve, and He is the One who gets ALL the glory!

Another divine appointment I want to share about happened about 3 years ago. JR and I were getting ready to leave and had to be somewhere shortly, but I needed to go by the grocery store first to get a few things. I said I would be right back, BUT GOD had an assignment for me that would take longer than a few minutes.

As I walked in the grocery store, I noticed a man sitting at a table there where you could get coffee or soup and sit down to drink or eat (this was obviously before CoVid). He had his eyes closed with his soup on the table in front of him and he had his hand on his leg. I could tell something was wrong and his leg was hurting him. I got my cart and went and got the items I needed but when I came back around 10-15 minutes later, he was still in the same position with his eyes closed and his hand on his leg. I knew in the Spirit I needed to go over to him and see if I could pray for him. So I did just that – without hesitation.

There were quite a few people around, and without making any kind of scene, I just softly asked him, “Sir, can I pray for you?” He opened his eyes and said, “Yes, please do!” He told me his leg was in severe pain. I asked him if I could lay hands on his shoulder, and he immediately agreed. So I prayed in faith for the healing power of God to be released into his leg and thanked God for manifesting His power into this man’s body. When I finished praying he thanked me so much and you could tell something had lifted off of him. There was an empty chair right there, so again, I knew the Spirit of God wanted me to sit down by him.

As I sat down, he started talking about his life and how he had been a preacher years ago and people had come against him and things had been hard. He asked me, “Can a person be oppressed and not even know it?” He could tell the difference of how he was before I prayed and after I prayed. A spirit of oppression had lifted off him. When things in life get hard and are that way for a long time, sometimes you may not even notice how oppressed you are. You just get used to it and live with it, if you don’t know how to overcome it. And pain or sickness of any kind is oppression of the devil. The devil wants to wear the saints out. Apparently, he’d been oppressed a long time.

We sat there and talked about 45 minutes and halfway through our conversation, he grabbed his leg and stood up and said, “The pain in my leg is gone – my leg is healed!!!” We both rejoiced and I said to him, “It had to leave. That’s what I prayed.”

So I would encourage you to always be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I could have said that day, “Well I don’t have time to pray for him – I’ve got to get home because we have somewhere to go.” But there was no thought of that when I knew God was wanting me to go over and pray for him. It was like my eyes fixed on him and I knew the power of God was getting ready to do something! What an awesome life it is to be led by the Spirit of God and watch Him move.

There may be times when you know you’re going to look for someone to pray for and other times, it’s not even on your radar. I went in the store that day just to get some groceries, but God fixed my eyes on that man. You talk about exciting – that was exciting!! And really there is nothing more satisfying than being used of the Lord to minister hope and encouragement and healing to someone.

This walk of faith is an adventure every day if we allow God into our ‘space’. There are hurting people in the world and we have the answer – Jesus! We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world –  a city on a hill whose light cannot be hid!

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