About 3 months ago, something hit my body and I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. But as time went on, I knew something was not right. It’s interesting how subtle the devil can be and we let things go on instead of dealing with it in the Spirit right then and there. Normally I don’t do that but for some reason this time I did – I just let it go on. As time went on, though, I would pray and rebuke the devil but it didn’t change what was going on in my body. Then the devil would speak to me and I would hear all kinds of things that were not good, which he was trying to convince me of. I know better than to believe his lies. So I would pray and rebuke/resist his lies quite often as I was hearing them. But it came to the point where I could tell my praying was in fear, and even at times panic and anger – not in faith, although the words I was praying were words of faith – if that makes sense ! I was praying according to scripture.

During this time, I had mentioned it to some other people and asked for prayer of agreement. I even had people tell me that I should eat certain things and that would help the problem. Well as time went on, nothing got better. You can’t fight a spiritual battle with fleshly advice. I truly believe that all sickness and disease is a spiritual matter because John 10:10 says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. So whether it be with your health, with your finances, your relationships or whatever — he wants to do those 3 things. But Jesus came that we might have life and have life more abundantly. Sickness is not an abundant life, lack of finances is not an abundant life, strife and division is not an abundant life, fear and turmoil is not an abundant life, etc. God is only good and only has good for us and the devil only has bad. It’s really black or white, blessings or curses, health or sickness, life or death, good or evil. We choose which one we want.

So fast forward a couple of months later, one morning as I was praying, I had had enough and I was so angry. And I was praying before – speaking the Word, commanding the devil to turn me loose, etc., I heard the Lord stop me and I heard Him tell me that my praying was in fear (just as I knew it was a couple months prior).  I was praying from a place of fear and not faith. The Lord also showed me that I was praying from a place of trying to get healed and not from a place of victory resisting the devil’s lies. Even though I knew all this, when you are battling something in your own body, it is so easy to get off track on what you already know because the enemy is constantly speaking his lies to you. So after the Lord spoke this to me, I loosed myself from the spirit of fear and commanded it out and closed the door on it. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7). I got my heart once again aligned with truth, and do you know that immediately I broke through and healing manifested in my body!!! Praise the Lord!

I am convinced that any sickness, any disease, is rooted in fear and unbelief. You have a symptom (which is a lying symptom of the devil because the truth is you ARE already healed; healing is on the inside of your born again spirit and all you need is to align your soul with what your spirit knows to be true and the manifestation will come forth). Any and every attack that comes against our bodies, our finances, our relationships, our emotions, our jobs or whatever else it may be you are facing, has already been judged – the battle over it has ALREADY BEEN WON. Jesus paid the price with His life/His body and with His blood over whatever giant you are facing that has come against you. He said on the cross, “It is finished.” He is not going to do one more thing for us – He already paid the price. All we have to do is believe Him and receive by faith what He has already provided for us on the cross.

We can obtain victory every single time from the time we are born again until we go to be with Lord in heaven if we believe what Jesus already accomplished for us. It’s not a 50/50 chance that we might get the victory over any given situation; it’s 100% guarantee that we win every single time. Don’t ever give up or ever give in to defeat. Fight the good fight of faith knowing you already have the victory in Jesus. Amen!!

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