The enemy is a deceiver !

If the enemy can get you to believe his lies, he can steal every victory that God has for you. BUT GOD………..

I want to share about how when the devil comes to put sickness on your body with all kinds of symptoms, if you believe those lies, they will manifest more and more in your body. Whatever we focus on will be enlarged and whatever we starve will die. Where is your focus today?

Several years ago our daughter, Amy, had called me for prayer about something going on in her stomach. I prayed with her for awhile and took authority over the enemy and told her this was nothing but an attack of the devil on her body and it would have to bow at the name of Jesus. It wasn’t a few weeks later, when she called again for more prayer saying she was still having issues. Of course I prayed again and took authority over the enemy’s lies. I also told her that somewhere she had let fear in and because of that, the enemy was magnifying these symptoms.

This went on in her body to where she started having panic attacks and didn’t even want to leave her house. She’s a very active and social person so this was totally out of character for her. She would be at the grocery store and have to leave the cart with her groceries in it because of fear (these panic attacks) that would hit her all of a sudden and out of the blue. All along I kept praying and commanding the devil to turn her loose and releasing the healing power of God into her body, but nothing was moving. I had no fear whatsoever about what was going on. I knew what it was and who was behind this attack.

Things got worse, though, to the point the enemy had her convinced something was terribly wrong. I kept telling her that she had let fear into her heart and that was an open door and it was allowing the enemy to place all these symptoms on her. I would speak against this spirit and tell her what 2 Timothy 1:7 says about God has not given her a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. And I would rebuke this spirit and tell it to turn her loose. She would get a little better but then it would get worse.

Well about 6 months later, she called me one day and said she was scheduled to go to the doctor and they were going to run all kinds of tests to see what wrong. Out of my mouth, I immediately said to her, “They won’t find one thing wrong with you – this is nothing but the devil.” I prayed again and told her I loved her and I would continue praying for her, and we hung up.

She went in to have all these tests done, and apparently they did tests from top to bottom. A few days later when the results came back on all of them, they could not find one thing wrong with her – nothing was there. She said she broke down and cried because she had convinced herself something was severely wrong. Fear is a terrible spirit – it is paralyzing. The reason I know, I walked in fear for years and mine was about speaking in public or any kind of group of people.

I am convinced that had I agreed with Amy about all that was going in her body, they would have found something. But I had NO fear. And when I boldly spoke out that they would not find one thing wrong with her when they did all those tests, those were words of faith and not fear. It tells us in Prov. 18:21 that life and death are in the power of the tongue.

I have had things hit my body over the years, and the enemy would speak to me and try and convince me something was wrong. But that’s when you have to hold fast to the Word of God because truth prevails over lies. This is not to say that symptoms are not there because they are. I knew that what Amy was experiencing was a fact – but what the Word says is truth. And John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly! And with any sickness or disease, Jesus paid the price for it and by HIS stripes we ARE healed. It’s a done deal.

So be encouraged today that if you are experiencing sickness/disease or any other demonic attack, the victory has already been won. Speak the truth of God’s Word of God over what you are feeling or experiencing. Words have power, as I stated above, and you want your words to align with HIS!!! When you do this, the angels will go on assignment for you.

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