As I shared in the previous testimony how by believing God and using the authority God has given me as a believer, the mask mandates on all airlines were lifted prior to my trip to Hawaii back in May 2022. Well there is another testimony that just happened a few days ago (September 2, 2022) regarding the same thing about mask mandates, except this is at the county jail where my husband and I have ministered for a few years.

Prior to Covid hitting in 2020, JR and I were involved in jail ministry for a couple of years here in Colorado Springs. It was one of the most satisfying things I have done as a Christian going into the El Paso County Jail and ministering to the women who would voluntarily come to these meetings. As I prayed and believed God for their hearts to be open and prepared for what God would have me share, that very thing would always happen. I would see hard hearts soften right before my eyes.

One young lady even came up to me with tears in her eyes after I had taught a message (and I can’t remember what is was on) but she said she had never been able to pay attention and receive from other chaplains before but she wanted to let me know that she had ‘heard’ what I was speaking that day and wanted to thank me for it. I knew before she came up that something was going on with her because God kept fixing my eyes on her. I knew without a doubt He was ministering to her heart. I graciously thanked her for coming up to share that with me and I told her that it wasn’t me speaking that she heard, but that it was the Spirit of the living God speaking through me to her and He had opened her heart to hear what was being said. It was an incredible thing that took place. These women are so receptive and it’s truly a blessing to minister to them and show them the love of God.

So getting back to once Covid hit, we were no longer able to go into the jail and minister. Everything shut down. About a month after that (April 2020), as I was praying one morning, it came into my Spirit to ask the lady over the chaplain volunteer program if I could send a written teaching each week for her to pass out to the women who wanted it. She readily agreed saying the only thing was to keep it at 2 pages long – front and back, which was no problem. I did this for the past 2 1/2 years every week. And she let me know how grateful they were to receive it.

Towards the middle of August (2022), I emailed this same lady to see if the jail was going to open up anytime soon for us to start coming back in person. She said it was. She had another lady call me and tell me details on when we could come back to minister and to let me know that we would have to wear a mask, as there was still the mask mandate in place throughout the jail. I let her know that I probably would not be coming back in until that mandate was lifted and told her I was going to be praying for it to lift. And pray I did !!!!!

It wasn’t 2 weeks later when my husband was checking our jail emails and he saw an email had been sent out that the mask mandate had been lifted – they were no longer required in the jail. Praise the Lord — another victory over these mask mandates!!! So at the end of the month, I am signed up to go back in person after 2 1/2 years of not being able to!

God is so good and so faithful! When we pray in faith believing, the angels immediately go on assignment and the answers come forth!

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